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About Us

I started ‘Furry Friends’ 12 years ago after I realised how many people needed help looking after their pets, especially when they go away.

Any responsible pet owner worries about their pet when they go on holiday, or are at work.

With a lifetimes experience of keeping pets, there is no way I’d be happy putting my pet ‘in a cage’ when I went on holiday. I’m sure there are many excellent kennels and cattery's around, but personally I always feel being in their home environment is less stressful to the animal.

Customers always rebook my services, as I am well trusted, and form a lovely ‘friendship’ with the animals.

How Does It Work?

Furry Friends will come to your house keeping your pet feeling safe and secure in familiar surroundings.

I can feed cats, rabbits, guinea pigs etc, twice a day.

There are lots of different options to suit your pets needs. View our services to find out more.

Adding Security To Your Home

By having someone come and go in your house, this makes it look ‘lived in’. I can draw curtains, put on lights, water plants etc, thus increasing security!


I am DBS checked and have insurance .

Why Choose Furry Friends?

Why choose a small firm like us and not a large franchise?... Above all I can offer continuity!


It is important to get to know your pet and their personality and requirements. It is even more important for them to get to know and trust me! This goes for their owners too!


If I notice a pet is acting ‘out of character’, there is usually something wrong! When you are rushing out to work in the mornings, this can easily be missed. This is when continuity of minder is essential.

Meet Yvonne

99% of the time it is Yvonne who will attend to your pets, but my assistant is on standby for unforeseen circumstances.


Continuity is essential for pets and owners to trust and get to know your pet!


Furry Friends Owner

Our Team
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