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Dog Outdoors

Returning to Work

Training your pet to be left
for prolonged periods of time.

After such a strange year, where so many people have been working from home, many dogs will be experiencing separation anxiety, especially if you bought a puppy during lock down.


The first few months of a pup’s life is when they should be left for gradually extended periods. This of course has not been possible under the present circumstances!

Never fear Furry Friends are here!


I can help ease your dog into being left alone by gradually extending the hours they are left, thus relieving anxiety.


The animal’s welfare is ALWAYS my priority! I treat pets as if they were my own.

We can work together to make up a bespoke timetable to slowly leave your dog for longer periods, to gradually stop anxiety and avoid destructive behaviour.


I also provide group or 1-1 VIP walking.

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